Coke + Ciroc + Starbucks = WINNERS!!!

Cocktail Chronicles Announces Winners of the Beverage Brands Battle

Winners to Be Awarded At Upcoming Cocktail Chronicles Events

June 1, 2016


ATLANTA, GA, Cocktails Chronicles is an online multi-digital publication whose mission is to empower consumers on their beverage choices, is pleased to announce the winners of its “Battle of the Beverage Brands” competition.  The contest facilitated by Survey Monkey invited over 16,000 consumers from around the world to submit their favorite brand choices in five categories as follow: dark soda, hot coffee on-the-go, bottled water, vodka, and gin. The survey also allowed consumers to write what they would like to learn more about within the beverage world.


The “Beverage Brands Battle” survey ran from March 1, 2016 thru June 1, 2016 with several hundred votes submitted.  The five winners received the highest amount of votes from the consumer survey within five categories as follow:

Favorite Bottled Water – Dasani – The Coca-Cola Company

Favorite Dark Soda – Coke – The Coca-Cola Company

Favorite Vodka – Ciroc – Diageo

Favorite Gin – Tanqueray – Diageo

Favorite Hot Coffee On-The-Go – Starbucks


“We are thrilled with the outcome,” said Je’ Wesley Day, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cocktail Chronicles. “As a social influencer in the beverage arena, it was important for us to have our finger on the pulse and know first-hand what our followers like as their drink preferences.  We didn’t want to rely on anyone else’s data to project the desires of our readers.  This information allows us to build a relationship with the manufacturers, by enabling them to connect with their consumers through Cocktail Chronicles by way of articles, new products, focus groups, sponsorship, educational programming, and advertisement.”


Each winner will be awarded and celebrated with custom made designs at the following upcoming Cocktail Chronicles – The After Dark Edition events:


Coca-Cola – June 21st – Atlanta, GA – Cocktails & Money: Do Your Sips Make Cents? #DRINKINGWEALTH


Diageo – July 26th – New York, NY – Cocktails & Networking: What Are The Unwritten Rules of Drinking With Superiors, Peers, and Subordinates? #ATHINLINE


Starbucks – August 4th – Washington, D.C. – Cocktails & Networking: What Are The Unwritten Rules of Drinking With Superiors, Peers, and Subordinates? #ATHINLINE


All winners have been notified and asked to send a representative to accept their award.


“We imagine that consumers chose the winners due to the iconic brands being part of their households for generations, logo recognition, and taste,” Day said.


Cocktail Chronicles is looking forward to the launch of their next survey that focuses on consumer behaviors.  This study will begin on June 2, 2016 and run through August 15, 2016.  The feedback from this survey will allow us to understand better consumers and what drives their beverage purchases. We invite you to take this 6 minute survey at .


About Cocktail Chronicles.

Founded in September 2015, by Je‘ Wesley Day, a Chicago native and current Atlanta resident.  Je’ Wesley has quickly become one of the world’s top social influencers within the beverage arena. Cocktail Chronicles empowers consumers around the world on their beverage choices (both alcohol and non-alcohol) by informing them of the unwritten rules of drinking, confirming or dispelling myths, and providing knowledge of etiquette and decorum. This is done through daily articles, weekly video blogs, and monthly live discussions at the online multi-digital media publication of Cocktail Chronicles. Cocktail Chronicles provides consumers with awareness of how beverages impact their bodies and lives, how to make their drink orders confidently, the language to engage in dialogue with peers who are wine/beer/spirits connoisseurs, and perhaps the initiative to try a cocktail out of the ordinary for their palate.

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