The Robotic Bartender

monsieurWritten by: Paige Smith, Intern – Kennesaw Stat University

With the advancement of new innovative technology, it comes as no surprise that a simple machine may change the way consumers enjoy their cocktail beverages.
The conception of this idea to create the Monsieur came from CEO, Barry Givens. He was sitting in a crowded Applebee’s and ordered a whisky-soda, however, waited almost two hours before receiving it. At that moment, he realized it would make it easier on the bartenders and servers if there were a way that a machine could make simple liquor drinks. It took a few years to develop the idea fully, but September 2013, Monsieur was officially introduced at TechCrunch.
Even though this is a fantastic product that has the potential to make bar service more efficient, it means nothing if Monsieur cannot find a market to sell it. According to the Head of Design, Alexa King, “We have researched several markets and found that our products will be most successful in establishments that want to serve cocktails. We are currently working with hotels, movie theaters, and sporting venues.”


Barry Givens

Barry Givens, Co-Founder/CEO of Monsieur

Another raise of concern was the bartender. Are they at risk of losing their position? King said,” As for bartenders it will be a long time before a machine can fully replace a human bartender.”  The Monsieur is there to aid them for when drink orders become overwhelming, and consumers are forced to wait over 5 minutes for an alcoholic beverage.  When creating the Monsieur, the overall mission is to improve beverage quality but more importantly, improve the speed of service.”  The machine is convenient because it already has cocktail recipes programmed beforehand, but the restaurant can customize those methods to fit the needs of the customers.

With the creation of Monsieur, the company believes this will lessen the stress of bar management. Almost every other day bar managers have to take inventory or over spending on ingredients. King says, “with our technology you can track the amount of an ingredient that has been used. Also, you can lock down the machine and decrease usage. It’s a very secure and responsible product.”

Monsieur currently has two models, price ranging from $8,000 to $12,000.  We will keep you updated on all the latest with Monsieur. To find out more information visit