“If You’re Not Drinking, I’m Not Trusting You.”

Employer Panelists

Cocktails & Employers held on April 19, 2016 at BQE Lounge in Atlanta, GA.

ATLANTA, Ga. On behalf of Cocktail Chronicles, we would like to thank everyone who came out to the Cocktails & Employers event last night. We would like to give special thanks to our panelist and host (pictured l to r): Dr. Traron Moore, HR Director of Comcast; Dr. Indigo Triplett, CEO of Careers In Transition; Darlene McGinnis, Regional HR Manager of GREIF; Lashawn Pyle, Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager of Chick-fil-A, Dr. Sam Sanders, Director of Academic Affairs & HR Professor at University of Phoenix. The hashtag for this event was #DRUNKATWORK. All panelists were members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council’s divine nine for black fraternities and sororities. 

Cocktails & Employers was centered on proper drinking etiquette while consuming alcohol with fellow employees. The panelist gave great insight and offered advice for various situations when alcohol is involved. This topic struck a very engaging conversation between the panelist and audience. Everyone who attended left with greater confidence while drinking with his or her superiors, peers, and subordinates.


“ When you are in mixed company and their drinking you need to have at least one drink,” says Dr. Indigo Triplett. Many people were concerned about the number of drinks that should be consumed while attending a professional function.


The panelist touched on proper techniques to handle your boss if he or she begins to act belligerently in public. Dr, Sam Sanders said,” It’s all about knowing your boss and your relationship with them. Depending on your working relationship it may be okay to talk to them on the side and explain their behavior. “ You never want to embarrass this boss,” was a phrase used by most of the panelist. They also spoke on dealing with spouses at work functions, and they all agreed it was best always to have a game plan and decide who would be the designated driver. Many controversial questions came up, and the audience was able to get different perspectives because some panelist especially Dr. Traron Moore was the youngest out of the five, so he was able to speak from a millennial perspective.

Watch clip below to learn why Dr. Indigo Triplett says she should does not trust those who do not drink:


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Founder, Je’ Wesley & Host, Brian Hilliard

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Please make sure to attend the next month’s event titled Cocktails & Politicians: Do politicians get a sipping pass? This will take place May 12th at the BQE located on Edgewood in Atlanta, Ga.