KSU Students Learn The Precautions Of Drinking Alcohol At Corporate Engagements…


KSU students Jessica Stewart (l), Je’ Wesley Day, and Raven White (r)

Kennesaw State University students learned from Entrepreneur and Networking Coach, Je’ Wesley Day on the precautions everyone should take when drinking with superiors, peers, and subordinates as one part of his guest lecture on Wednesday, April 13, 2016. Students had many questions to ask, as they quickly realized there’s a fine line when drinking with your boss.  

Kayla Hodge, junior journalism major asked, “What if your boss is drinking and pressuring you to drink? What should I do?” Day replied, “First be aware of your limits, but two drinks should be your absolute max when drinking with a boss. If you don’t drink, try to arrive early and inform the bartender to bring you seltzer water garnished with a lime when drinks are ordered, which allows you to sip slowly and pass it off as a drink.”

Students also inquired about, if your boss invites you to a party and ask you to bring alcohol; what should you do? “You should absolutely go, because building relationships is imperative to climbing the corporate ladder of success. People hire and promote who they know and who they like. Therefore, everyone should seize the opportunity to spend time with their boss versus shying away from it.  However, be cautious not to over drink, because you are off the clock and it’s the weekend. People who over drink has a tendency to over share information about their personal lives or work related matters that may cause the boss to look at you differently.”

Members of KSU’s National Pan-Hellenic Council pose with fellow greek, guest lectuerer Je’ Wesley Day

Day, also discussed the art of interviewing, interviewing for journalism, and mock interviews where two finalists were chosen from the class was chosen to compete as the best best interviewee. The winner was Lindsay Helms, senior journalism major who enjoys event planning from Woodstock, Georgia.