Happy Hour At Starbucks: Evenings Just Got Better…

Written By: Keena McClendon, Contributing Writer

starbucks-wine-coffee-300x170The neighborhood coffee shop has done it again. Yes, the place that we feel at ease to study, conduct meetings, attend book club sessions and take midday breaks has expanded past their breakfast and lunch options. That’s right, and Starbucks has come up with a way to entice us to stay for afternoons, happy hours and evenings. Starbucks Evenings is spreading across the nation.

“The Starbucks Evenings program launched in Oct. 2010, “said Starbucks spokesperson. “The stores will offer the same handcrafted coffee beverages and foods as other Starbucks stores in the same casual and comfortable environment. However, the experience will be elevated in the evenings as a place for customers to take a moment to unwind over coffee, wine and small plates with friends.”

sfl-starbucks-evenings-wine-beer-and-small-plates-starting-wednesday-20150818The Starbucks Evenings menu offers an array of meal and drink options ranging from 140 to 500 calories. The small plates dining selections include spinach artichoke dip with pita chips (460 calories), chicken sausage & mushroom flatbread (310 calories), bacon-wrapped dates (270 calories) and truffle popcorn (150 calories). “We are certain that these delicious plates you will sample, enjoy and share,” said Starbucks spokesperson. The beer and wine collection contain sparkling (Villa Sandi Fresco from Italy), white (Erath Pinot Gris from Oregon and Rosatello Moscato from Italy), red wines (Alamos Malbec from Argentina and Apothic Red from California) and selection of beers from local breweries. “Research was found that Starbucks customers are wine enthusiasts and lovers of beer, too.” Each menu varies per region.

The Starbucks Evenings gives customers the option to stay all day, relax and enjoy the various moods that a day has to offer alone or with friends. “For more than 40 years, we’ve built a brand that is about fostering moments of connection between our customers. By expanding our offerings to include food and drinks that are more suitable for the evening hours, we are enhancing our role as a gathering place for the community throughout the day and into the evening.” To find out if your local Starbucks has expanded to provide the Evening options, visit the store locator website, select your preferred location and then review the amenity offerings.