Week 3 – Tuesday’s 2 Minute Sip: A Basic Lesson On Bourbon & Whiskey…

Written & Produced By: Jarel McRae, Intern – Kennesaw State University

Rick Tapia, the owner of J.R Revelry, was born in Lima, Peru and moved to New York at the age of five. The combined taste and flavors of his local bodega stuck in his memories as he pursued an 18-year career in the spirits arena. When the opportunity came, Rick combined his experience and New York memories to create his own American Whiskey.


Combining the taste of fruitcake, raisin-peach chutney, and baking spices, Rick created J.R. Revelry Bourbon Whiskey. In honor of the place that welcomed his family and a place that he now calls home  J.R Revelry Bourbon Whiskey is proudly made in the USA.

In partnership with the other industry Speakeasy Spirits, that helped Rick to create an aroma and the perfect taste. Focusing on full aromatic notes that invite warmth and inclusion, yet are uniquely able to sweeten and sharpen as they pick up the flavor of the charred oak barrel.

J.R Revelry is a delicious, well balanced bourbon that is sure to please. The whiskey is 90 proof and has a four year old taste profile. Next time you’re in the store be sure you search this American made whiskey with a smooth and warm taste.
●    Rick Tapia, the owner of JR Revelry, was born in Lima, Peru and moved to NY at the age of 5.

●    Pursued an 18-year career in the spirits industry. Once the opportunity came to craft his product he combined memories of his childhood bodega to make JR Revelry. This product is distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

●    JR Revelry is smooth with no bite made specifically in the USA and contains 51% corn grain which makes it sweeter. The sweetness makes it approachable. Therefore, you can appreciate it, and it doesn’t scare you away.

●    The biggest myth about whiskey is that People sometimes confuse whiskey with scotch, but Scotch is made from barley and whiskey is made from corn. It deserves to be explored. Also, all whiskey is not the same they are indeed different.

●    JR revelry is very mixable which makes it one of the best approachable whiskeys. Since it’s a higher proof, it allows it to be mixed. It’s all about personal preference.

●    This product will evaluate you experience pallets