Respected Journalists Attend, Cocktails & Writing – March 2016

Conquering Writer’s Block with Alcohol
Cocktail Chronicles presents Cocktails & Writing: Is Alcohol the Key to Unblocking Writer’s Block?

Atlanta, Ga – On Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Cocktail Chronicles presented a panel of award-winning authors, writers, and bloggers as they introduced the key to unblocking writer’s block with alcohol to an audience at the BQE Lounge in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

Cocktails & Writing

Pictured L. to R. – CJ, Je’Wesley, Marissa, and Greg.

Guests that attended were Greg Lee, President Emeritus of the National Association of Black Journalists; CJ Denegal, Vice President of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists; and new Atlanta News Reporter, Marissa Mitchell, Fox 5 News.  Curtis Bunn, Essence Magazine’s number one bestseller, served as the host of an award-winning group of panelists. He led the discussion with expressing how he enjoys a drink or two and how he is an author of eight books. Panel members included Mary Parker, author of Chicks in Charge; Keena McClendon, blogger; Mari K. Bell, author of The Quarters; and Ashley Adams, author of The Ashley Way. These authors gave pertinent advice to help those who are aspiring to become authors, writers, or are currently writing.

“After a couple of cups of champagne I’m jubilant,” Parker begins. “That was one of the reasons I chose to write on Monday oppose to Friday because come Monday I am fresh,” said Parker.

Drinking alcohol is sometimes the way to help rejuvenate people or create a gateway to new ideas to produce a great story. Alcohol consumption can always do the reverse to someone as well. “My best writing is done in the morning with coffee,” Bell says. “However when I find myself in better terms ‘blocked’ on what am I going to do next or what I’m going to do with this character or developing a little more; I may have a glass of wine or two.”

Bunn was able to inform the audience that drinking while writing is not only a modern day scenario but drinking while writing was done in the past as well. Authors such as Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, Jack London, F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Steinbeck, and William Faulkner were all alcoholics.

“I really like wine; it’s a close friend of mine,” Adam says. “I will say though I don’t like to have anything whether it is wine, any other substance, at a specific time of day nor any particular morning practice to be the key to my creativity or type of writing. I do try to switch it up, so I don’t fall into a certain pattern where I become dependent to my bridge of creativity.”

Cocktails & Writing was a great event that helped current writers and future writers understand that drinking can open your mind to creativity for writing and that everyone may experience writer’s block or the stress of writing. This event was sponsored by, J.R. Revelry Bourbon, Perfect Pitch Media Group, Graphics In Atlanta, and ASB Skin & Wellness.

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