March 10

6 Month Anniversary – Personal Invite…

On September 10, 2015, Je’ Wesley took the first step of becoming the fastest growing beverage industry news publication, by launching Cocktail Chronicles in Atlanta, Georgia.  Je’ was inspired to combine his passions for the beverage and journalism industries to empower consumers about their beverage choices through online articles and healthy monthly discussions that are live, fun, and mature. To learn more about Cocktail Chronicles and to see the new facelift, please visit

Cocktail Chronicles have garnered over 16,000 followers across all social media platforms and visitors to its digital media publication monthly from around the world. The news publication has been the news, as it was featured on global radio channel 87.9 FM The Globe, and the Atlanta 100 online news site.

The digital media online publication has launched a periscope channel @cocktailchron1 that has garnered loyal followers from all over the world that tune in for the weekly “2 Minute Sip” on every Tuesday. The show discusses a broad range of topics from alcohol to smoothies that are hosted by Je’ Wesley himself.

While the grassroots organization is still seeking to fund through advertisement and sponsorship, founder Je’ Wesley remain steadfast and manifested on providing fact-based knowledge to his followers about the entire beverage arena. If you are interested in advertising or sponsorship opportunities for your products, please email

What’s to come for this empire in the making? Je’ Wesley is gearing up to launch A YouTube channel with beverage industry news on location. The Cocktail Chronicles Coverage On Location Edition will feature Raeha Kim as the host of its YouTube medium.  Also coming this fall will be the launch of Cocktail Chronicles Campus Edition, which will feature awareness and safety seminars on College campuses about the potential risks of alcohol for College students.

Every writer experiences a severe case of writers block, and many have various techniques to unlock their creative flow.  Let’s learn about their excellent books and alcohol as we enjoy an evening of healthy, mature, engaging, and fun discussion.  See the list of exponential panelists by visiting or RSVP to attend for FREE at