March 08


A&E Reality Star Provides Beverage Advice

Written by: Tamika Morrison, T.Morrison PR Agency

Though Tramell Smith, Owner of Total Nutrition & Training, spends his days in the gym helping clients to get ‘summertime fine’, he’s really just like you and me!
We caught up with Tramell as his appearance on A&E’s ‘Fit to Fat to fit’ is set to air on Tuesday, March 15th to see how he’s preparing for primetime. I was happy to note that he’s not intimidating at all. Though he doesn’t drink, he has clients that do and here’s his best advice:imageFor my clients who enjoys ‘wine o’clock’, save the carbs for happy hour.

Entertaining clients or out for a leisurely drink? Plan ahead. If they know they want to drink later that day, I advise them to only eat protein and good fats for breakfast and lunch and save their carbs for dinner. Especially late dinners, this little tactic is called carbohydrate back loading- by not eating any carbs during the day you deplete your glycogen levels or your carbs and when you finally indulge there is much less spillover and your body will use the carbs to replenish glycogen stores and won’t overflow and turn the carbs to sugars and then to fat.

Tramell’s favorite non-alcoholic beverage is ginger ale or ginger beer. “The spicier the better, I like it almost to the point that it makes me cough that it’s so strong; “red rock” or the Jamaican gingers are my go to drinks,” says the fitness expert. “I like an alkaline water. Pink Himalayan salt with lemon juice, I drink that in the morning to help re-hydrate and as a reset to my metabolism before I start my day, he says.

For more of Tramell’s advice visit his website and make sure to tune in to the premiere of ‘Fit to Fat to Fit’ on A&E at 10pm. A public viewing party is scheduled on premiere night. For more info contact