Monthly Archives: March 2016

March 10

6 Month Anniversary – Personal Invite…

On September 10, 2015, Je’ Wesley took the first step of becoming the fastest growing beverage industry news publication, by launching Cocktail Chronicles in Atlanta, Georgia.  Je’ was inspired to combine his passions for the beverage and journalism industries to empower consumers about their beverage choices through online articles and healthy monthly discussions that are […]

March 09

Week 2 – Tuesday’s 2 Minute Sip: Meal On The Go; Are Smoothies A Good Food Substitute?

Written by: Jarel McRae, Cocktail Chronicles Intern – Kennesaw State University Sometimes we are so busy with our days that we may forget to eat, or we are so busy that we must skip a meal. How unhealthy is that for our body? Well, there is a solution to this problem, by having a smoothie […]

March 08

Essence No.1 Best Selling Author To Host Cocktails & Writing…

March 08

A&E Reality Star Provides Beverage Advice

Written by: Tamika Morrison, T.Morrison PR Agency Though Tramell Smith, Owner of Total Nutrition & Training, spends his days in the gym helping clients to get ‘summertime fine’, he’s really just like you and me! We caught up with Tramell as his appearance on A&E’s ‘Fit to Fat to fit’ is set to air on […]

March 07

Millennials Take Over Coke…

Written by: Paige Smith, Cocktail Chronicles Intern – Kennesaw State University Its time for a change in the workforce and millennials are becoming the new faces for multibillion-dollar companies. With their fresh faces, new ideas and intelligent minds, millennials have the potential to take businesses to the next level.  Even though some may be hesitant […]

March 06

Cocktails & Fitness: The Secret Hindrance In Your Glass

Written By: Keena Mari, Contributing Writer Is your liquid consumption preventing you from reaching your health and fitness goals? Is your beverage consumption making you fat? When starting a new resolution or fitness goal most people scrutinize what they eat and how much they exercise. And maybe their water consumption. But, they are likely to […]