February 25


Beauty & Brains To Launch YouTube Channel…

Raeha Kim

Cocktail Chronicles, Founder Je’ Wesley took to the radio on Atlanta’s newest radio station 87.9 The Globe to announce the upcoming launch of its YouTube channel on Monday, April 4, 2016, and it can be found by searching Cocktail Chronicles on YouTube. Wesley also announced the beautiful and intelligent Ms. Raeha Kim as the host.

Cocktail Chronicles is a digital media publication that began in Atlanta, GA barely six months ago and has garnered over 16,000 followers across all social media platforms.  Now the publication is gearing up to grow its newest addition of a YouTube channel with Raeha Kim as the host. The channel will cover beverage industry events, products, corporate executive interviews, beverage industry laws, and manufacturers commitment to social responsibility.

Raeha Kim, Esq. is a Korean-American lawyer, licensed to practice law in New York.  She is passionate about holistic empowered diversity & inclusion and leadership.  Born in South Korea, she immigrated to New York City in 1991.  Since childhood, Kim has followed her calling in taking a stand and developing her own unique voice and helping others in their journey to develop and nurture their own.


Host, Raeha Kim and Founder, Je’ Wesley at Radio 87.9 in Atlanta, GA.

Kim would like to be remembered as the first pioneering Asian-American woman to unite people of all different backgrounds to embrace and celebrate such differences as gifts, cultivating a new mindful culture where we maximize our differences to move together towards a better future and unite in our common goals and desires to live in health and prosperity, and to love and be loved by one another.

 The niche publication was established to empower consumers about their beverage choices, both alcohol, and non-alcohol.  Be sure to watch weekly for your beverage stories that will be packaged into three to five-minute segments on every Monday.