Essence No.1 Best Selling Author To Host Cocktails & Writing…

On Tuesday, March 15th at 7 pm in Atlanta, GA world renowned authors will congregate to discuss the influence that alcohol may or may not have in releasing their creative flow, hosted by Curtis Bunn at the BQE Lounge located 262 Edgewood Ave, SE.  Bunn, considers creating stories about love and life, with an authentic insight into the minds of men, as fuel for his existence.

An award-winning sports journalist in Washington, D.C. (his hometown), New York and Atlanta, Curtis made the transition in 2001 to novelist and has been crafting in-depth, humorous, insightful, smart stories that have become favorites of avid readers and book clubs across the country.

From Essence No. 1 bestselling Baggage Check to the most recent The Old Man In The Club (and everything in between), his books resonate with those who enjoy realistic stories that evoke all the emotions and are can’t-put-down works. His next novel, Seize The Day, will be release by Strebor Books/Simon & Schuster in the spring of 2015.

Every writer experiences a severe case of writers block, and many have various techniques to unlock their creative flow.  Let’s learn about their excellent books and alcohol as we enjoy an evening of healthy, mature, engaging, and fun discussion.  See the list of exponential panelists and hosts below:

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