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February 27

Leaving Coke Alone To Take Success By Force…

After receiving well over a thousand rejection letters from liquor organizations over the years, I attempted to follow my passions for the beverage industry to the non-alcoholic side. Equipped with previous mid-level sales experience as the former Northeast Regional Sales and Marketing Manager for L’Oreal, USA and coupled with two new Master Degrees (MBA in […]

February 25

Beauty & Brains To Launch YouTube Channel…

Cocktail Chronicles, Founder Je’ Wesley took to the radio on Atlanta’s newest radio station 87.9 The Globe to announce the upcoming launch of its YouTube channel on Monday, April 4, 2016, and it can be found by searching Cocktail Chronicles on YouTube. Wesley also announced the beautiful and intelligent Ms. Raeha Kim as the host. Cocktail Chronicles is […]

February 25

Upcoming Cocktail Conversations Events…

February 24

Beverage Preference Survey

February 24

Essence No.1 Best Selling Author To Host Cocktails & Writing…

On Tuesday, March 15th at 7 pm in Atlanta, GA world renowned authors will congregate to discuss the influence that alcohol may or may not have in releasing their creative flow, hosted by Curtis Bunn at the BQE Lounge located 262 Edgewood Ave, SE.  Bunn, considers creating stories about love and life, with an authentic […]

February 23

Week 1 – Tuesday’s 2 Minute Sip: Caffeine In Tea vs. Coffee

Written and Produced by: Jarel McRae, Cocktail Chronicles Intern (Kennesaw State Univ.) According to, an average cup of coffee can provide 100 mg, 200 or even 300 mg of caffeine, whereas a cup of tea may contain 20-60 mg or maybe you didn’t know at all? Well, today I’m here to educate you about caffeine […]

February 16

Tonight at 7pm – Cocktails & Love

Tonight at the BQE we will discuss “Cocktails & Love: How Does Alcohol Impact My Relationship?” This will be a fun, mature, and healthy discussion with expert panelists as follow: Dr. Aaron Turpeau, America’s Love Doctor Stephen Thurston, Relationship Strategist M. Cole and Nadia Jones, Newly Weds