Upcoming Cocktail Conversations Events…


March 2016Cocktails & Writing: Is Alcohol The Key To Unblocking Writers Block? #WRITERSFLOW – Atlanta, GA

When: 262 Edgewood Ave, SE

Time: 7p to 9p

Cost: Free

April 2016Cocktails & Employers: What Are The Unwritten Rules When Drinking With Superiors, Peers, and Subordinates? #DRUNKATWORK – Atlanta, GA

May 2016Cocktails & Politics: Are Politicians Above The Law?  – Atlanta, GA #RIGHTORWRONG

June 2016Cocktails & Money: Does Your Sips Make Cents? #DRINKINGWEALTH – Atlanta, GA

July 2016Cocktails & Beauty – New York, NY

August 2016Cocktails & Networking – Washington, D.C.