Red Bull Snubs The Founder of Cocktail Chronicles…

Red Bull snubs the founder of Cocktail Chronicles, Je' Wesley.

Red Bull snubs the founder of Cocktail Chronicles, Je’ Wesley.

Je’ Wesley Day, founder of Cocktail Chronicles was snubbed by Red Bull.  I was at the Midtown Music Festival, one of the largest concerts in the United States on Saturday, September 18, 2015 to cover a story. The concert consisted of over 20 artists with a few notable mentions such as Elton John, Sam Smith, Lauryn Hill, Drake, and Van Halen to name a few. The event was held in Piedmont Park of Atlanta, Georgia over two days. I was there interviewing for an upcoming story when I noticed the Red Bull vehicle with the can was parked diagonal to my own vehicle. After two young ladies got out of the Red Bull car, I kindly asked for a Red Bull to re-ignite my energy after a long day of traveling from Chicago. The young ladies initially informed me in a rude tone, “Wait a minute.” Assuming they needed time to load their Red Bull back-packs, I walked approximately 25 feet away over to my vehicle in order to respect their space.
After noticing that the young ladies had loaded up and begun to disseminate cans of Red Bull to concert goers, I asked the young ladies again very casually and for the second time for a Red Bull with my hand extended. At this time, the Red Bull staffers snubbed me with a dirty look, leaving my hand hanging, and proceeded to freely pass out cans of Red Bull to other concert goers.

I have spent several days wondering what prompted this reaction from the Red Bull staffers. I quickly ruled out race, because one of the young ladies appeared to be bi-racial (being half Black). I was very disappointed and shocked at the treatment that I received over a can of Red Bull. I have even pondered if my height of 6’6 and physical statue of 229 pounds intimidated them. After the initial conversation, I kept my distance and approached them slowly the second time.

Regardless of the reason, no one should be made to feel this way and be left hanging for a free can of Red Bull. While I have reached out to Red Bull corporate headquarters, they have refused to provide an apology or comment on this incident.

Meanwhile, I will have to reconsider using Red Bull as my choice for an energy mixer when bartending in the future. For years, I’ve enjoyed the convenience of using the small can to fuse into cocktails as a bartender, but perhaps it’s time to leave them hanging.