September 12

Launch of Cocktail Chronicles Draws Celebrities and Media to M Bar In Atlanta

By: Tenisha Bell, Perfect Pitch Media Group 

Dozens of Atlanta local media and celebrities attended the launch of Cocktail Chronicles, a new online digital media publication. Cocktail Chronicles, founded by Je’ Wesley Day, is a website to empower the ordinary, casual drinker and transform them into becoming confident, informed, aware and responsible drinkers. “There’s a real need for this source of information,” says Day. “This platform provides education, and intellectual dialogue surrounding the anatomy of cocktails, the bar industry, and most importantly, your health. It also provides detailed behind-the-scenes information on liquor manufacturers, distributors and ways we can hold them socially responsible and accountable to one of the their biggest consumers, African Americans,” added the 38-year-old.

Day is no stranger to the bar and restaurant industry. With 15 years experience, he was the owner of OrganiX Lounge on Ponce de Leon for several years until it’s closing in 2013. He’s worked in the beverage industry for Coca Cola. Armed with an MBA, Day worked several years as a marketing guru for L’Oreal. Day enjoys taking risks and says the launch of Cocktail Chronicles is was a way to bridge his passion for journalism and the spirits industry.

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L. to R.: Sabrina Sonny Spoon, Je’ Wesley, Bryan Michael Cox, Jermaine Dupri, Kirsten Daniels and Xavier Peoples

L. to R.: J. Wesley, Eric Stirgus, Tenisha Bell, and Gregory Lee

L. to R.: J. Wesley, Eric Stirgus, Tenisha Bell, and Gregory Lee

Music moguls, Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox, attended the launch party at the M Bar located in Atlanta’s historic Auburn District. Other notable guests included National Association of Black Journalists former president, Greg Lee. Lee is the Director of Editorial Content at Atlanta Association of Black Journalists President Eric Stirgus also attended. He is a Managing Editor at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. KISS 104.1 news anchor Veronica Waters moderated a panel on “What Everyone Should Know When Ordering A Drink”. Nearly 100 people joined in the lively discussion on how to effectively order a drink, how to tip appropriately, and how to effectively host a social gathering in your home. Panelists included M Bar Owner, Xavier Peoples; Social Hostess Owner, Kashima Peters; and Bartender Jonathan Castillo. Attendees eagerly participated in the candid discussion. Many admitted to walking away having learned something new about drinks or bar etiquette. “I really enjoyed the event,” said Vinis Walker. “Now I know not to ask for a Martini to be made ‘light’, she chuckled. “I had no idea that both the Vodka and the Pucker mix were alcohol. Silly me.”

With some of Atlanta’s finest in the room, they were all there to educate themselves and to support founder, Je’ Wesley Day in his new quest of entrepreneurship. “Cocktail Chronicles will be the rising out of the ashes for Je’’, says Sabrina Sonny Spoon, the producer of “He lost OrganiX Lounge in 2013, but Cocktail Chronicles is his comeback.”

Surrounded by family and friends, Day briefed the crowd on the mission of Cocktail Cocktails. The evening closed with partygoers wishing Day ‘Happy Birthday’. “What an awesome way to usher in a new year,” says the doctoral candidate. “I am so blessed. I love taking risks, and having people support my dreams and goals is icing on the birthday cake.”

Front Row: Kahima Peters, Tenisha Bell, Veronica Waters. Back Row: Xavier Peoples, J. Wesley Day, Jonathan Castillo

Front Row:Kashima Peters, Tenisha Bell, Veronica Waters.
Back Row: Xavier Peoples, J. Wesley Day, Jonathan Castillo

Day will produce a Cocktail Chronicles conversation each month at various venues across the city. For more information on monthly topics and event locations, visit the event page at You can find Cocktail Chronicles on social media sites @CocktailChron1.