June 18

Why Diageo wants to dump $1 Billion worth of spirits

Global distillery Diageo isn’t going around with guns a-blazing, but its reason for pursuing the premium and super-premium spirits market is the same as that offered by infamous outlaw Willie Sutton on why he robbed banks: “Because that’s where the money is.” Diageo was recently reported to be interested in selling off about $1 billion worth of […]

June 18

Study: Millennials drink at home because it takes too much effort to go out

From dating through apps and online shopping to working from home, it seems Millennials prefer to do nearly everything from the comfort of their couch—and now socializing is best done from home for this generation, as well. New research from Mintel reveals that almost three in ten (28 percent) Younger Millennials (aged 24-31) drink at home because […]

June 18

Cocktails & HR: #MeToo, Women, Men & Alcohol In The Workplace? #TipsyTouchy

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt a little too tipsy in front of your boss or seeing your boss too tipsy in front of you? Did you know how to handle yourself? Or have you ever been around a colleague who was a little too drunk and it made you a […]

June 17

Father’s Day cocktails dad would be proud to drink

Impress your dad and let him take a well-deserved break while you make him a Father’s Day-themed cocktail. Dominic Venegas, the brand ambassador for Pernod Ricard, takes his cocktails very seriously — and now he’s taking Fox News behind the bar to share two of his favorite recipes that, hopefully, our dads will enjoy too. “One of […]

June 17

Michael Jordan slammed for looking like a lunatic carrying Tequila bottle

NBA legend Michael Jordan was slammed on social media for looking drunk and deranged on the streets of New York City’s Manhattan borough. He had bloodshot eyes as he clutched a mostly empty bottle of Tequila while reportedly carrying a box full of the potent liquid. Jordan was toting a box that had “TEQUILA” printed […]

June 16

Andrew Davis shares how he became the global diversity leader for Coca-Cola

When Andre Davis was 12 years old and living in Spanish Town, Jamaica, a Coca-Cola in a classic glass bottle was a special treat on a hot day. But the company that made Coke was a world away. No one could have convinced him that, one day, he’d be so closely connected to the famous company. […]

June 16

The five US states that like to drink the most

New research has revealed where to find the biggest drinkers in the USA. The study, carried out by gambling website PlayUSA, looks into the number of times Americans have used the internet to search for places to drink alcohol in their state over the past month, taking in a total of 823 million search entries […]

June 15

Starbucks Happy Hour: When to get cheap Frappuccinos today

Starbucks Corporation announced that the company is rolling out a Happy Hour this Friday that will appease fans of frozen, caffeinated drinks today. On Friday, June 15, the coffee chain is having a Happy Hour promotion that applies to anyone who signs up to it. Frappuccino lovers will be delighted to hear that the company is offering any […]

June 14

Tito’s Vodka goes global with travel retailer Dufry next month

Tito’s Handmade Vodka will initiate a new global partnership with the world’s biggest travel retailer, Dufry, next month, extending an original contract with the company from 2014. The original craft vodka from Austin, Texas now has listings in airports across the group, with a presence in the company’s remaining three divisions: Southern Europe & Africa, […]

June 13

Starbucks and Chase Introduce Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card

Starbucks is all about making the right moves, it seems! The coffee giant and JPMorgan Chase announced the launch of the Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card, allowing customers to earn Starbucks Rewards by making purchases outside of Starbucks stores. The companies initially announced this product in 2016. Cardholders will be able to use the card anywhere […]